Vasudhaiva kutumba

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means "vasudha", the earth "eva" = emphasizer and "kutumbakam", "family" is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one single family. As the days are passing the world is shrinking smaller and smaller, it is good technology is connecting people across the world and we are all connected.
On the other hand Global warming is also shrinking the world there are many studies going on to fix the problem. Social responsibilities, lifestyle, Education and Politics are the 4 major factors for today’s world.
The question needs to be asked by every citizen how can we make this world a better place and contribute.


  1. Truly in today's "flat" world these ancient Sanskrit words really find a resonance.

  2. Giridhar, nowhere do I feel your message is more poignant than here in China, where Blogspot is blocked by the government. Of course, with the right technology the Chinese people can easily bypass the roadblocks set up by their leaders and join the rest of us in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakan. Congratulations on your blog and good luck with spreading your ideas. You're bookmarked here! Thomas S.

  3. Namma Samskaara, Namma Samskruthi, Namma Bhaashe, Namma Naadu, Namma Nela, Namma Jala, Namma Nudi, Namma Habbagalu, Namma Kale, Namma Siri, Namma Naadina sobagu, Namma Sampathu... eevella history aagbiddtha ide..... I suggest this blog also brings our future generation very close to all these & leave a fragrance of our culture with them. I wish you all the best for this lovely initiative.

    Social responsibility is not only one person's baby but is of each & every person. This can happen only with thoughts of oneness or being one.... I wish to quote these lines from Mankuthimmana kagga & give all the support for the beginning of this lovely cause.

    Hullaagu bettadadi,
    manege malligeyaagu
    Kallaagu kasthagala maleya vidhi suriye,
    Bella Sakkareyaagu deena durbalarige,
    Yellarolagondaagu Manku Thimma..

    Be one in all.... !
    And not last but least, Be one family... Vasudeva Kutumbakam
    Warm Regards,
    The Rustic Soul.... !

  4. Thank you Uday Umashankar and Bonjour Thomas :-)